I campi chiave sono quiei campi i cui valori vengono mostrati nelle schede di riepilogo di Vtiger.

Possiamo decidere quali sono i campi chiavi che vogliamo visualizzare per ogni singolo modulo.

Seguire la guida seguente per capire meglio:

Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Personalize Your Module Summary View with Key Fields

September 27, 2017/ Emily Sponsler / Uncategorized / 0 comments

Key Fields are shown at the top of the summary view in most module records.  This includes the records in Organizations, Contacts, Leads, Quotes, Opportunities, Sales Orders, and more.  

“Key Fields” section in an Organization Record:

It is simple to personalize what fields are shown.  

How to Set It Up:

  • Go to the following location Settings > CRM Settings > Module  Management > Module Layouts & Fields 
  • Choose the details you want to appear in the “Key Fields” section by selecting the correlating “Key Field” button

 Keep your eye out for an upcoming post with specific details about which modules have customizable “Key Fields” sections.

Link: https://www.boruapps.com/vtiger-7-tips-tricks-personalize-module-summary-view-key-fields/

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