USB Control Center Linksys X3500 and sharing a Laser Printer on USB Port

I was fizzling around trying to figure out why my Desktop PC with Windows 10 wasn’t able to see my USB Laser Printer connected to my Linksys X3500 router while my Laptop was able with the same OS.

I tried many things, including uninstalling ad reinstalling the USB Control Center, playing with my Windows Firewall and the Antivirus!

Solution : I found out that i had fixed more than one IP Address to my network card for testing purposes, so i tried to get rid of all except the IP i really wanted.

I uninstalled the USB Control Center and installed it again … and VoilĂ ! Everything worked fine, i was able to find my Shared Printer and double click on it, Windows started installing it, and after some minutes i was able to print.

Hope this can help other people who have the same issue.